Students’ education worsening

I was surprised to see two bags of rubbish, by our locked commercial bins, outside the hotel this morning.  This area is monitored by security cameras anyway, but I thought it’d be good to investigate and see who the owner of the rubbish is.

It didn’t take long.. within a minute I’d found a car recovery report (with their basic vehicle and contact details), a few other interesting things about their purchase history, interests, etc (ie what size clothes, where they shop, how much they spend).  They hadn’t gone to any trouble separating anything (ie paper, mixed with plastic, etc.)

And then most usefully of all, I discovered a completed application form for a local job, which must have been a practise completion. This contained not only their full name and address, but their NI number, telephone numbers, their work history, references, etc..

I walked the few minutes up the road, to returned the two plastic sacks to their address.  Unfortunately they weren’t in, so I’ve needed to just leave them out outside their front door with a page of their application form fixed on top.

I’ve also reported the incident to the local council, so they should get a letter in the post soon too, and potentially an £80 fine for fly tipping.

This person is a Uni graduate, they have free doorstep collection of their general waste, so why dump it outside our hotel, on private land, especially with so much personal information so clearly contained?

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