Flour Free Cheese Sauce


* 1/2 cup water

fistful of cashews

two tablespoons of desicated / shredded coconut

hunk of butter

tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

salt & pepper

Edam or similar cheese (about 75g)



blend the water, cashews and coconut with a very high speed blender for about 20 seconds

melt the oil and butter in an enamel pan,

add salt & pepper

add the nut milk to the pan (although don’t strain the fibres, you need those in the pan instead of the usual flour)

gently bring to the boil and it’ll start to thicken

add a dash of hot sauce as preferred

add the grated cheese and fold in.

pour over whatever cauliflour cheese thing you might do (ie caramalised onions, lightly fried capsicum, sliced and fried cauliflower, wilted baby spinach).

add extra cheese on top if you’re so inclined.

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