The best job title I’ve been able to come up with so far, is a ‘parallel entrepreneur and development manager’.  Essentially I’m involved in a number of different things, and I keep very busy helping make things better.

Currently, my main business interests are as follows:

Jason Parlour – Presenter

It has been something I’ve been working towards for years, hence the strangely wide diversity of skill sets and interests.

You can see a little more about what I get up to on www.jasonparlour.com

Minutes a Day

For many years, I’ve been compiling large amounts of information, and simplifying it for others.  This developed into a series of corporate training programs that have been delivered for over 10 years around the world.

It’s now also being made into a book, and should be published in 2014.

The Therapy Agency

This is a national agency of professional complementary therapists. They work across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Predominantly providing massage therapies:

  • into workplaces (ie 20 minute onsite massage),
  • at events (ie in shopping malls and trade-shows),
  • with individuals (in the therapists’ Therapy Room or Clinic, or mobile to the clients’ home).

I launched the Therapy Agency in around 2002 as a truly national business in the UK, and we now have around 85 therapists who’ve successfully completed our detailed application procedures, and work with us, plus a significant amount more in the process of their application.

Photography by Jason Parlour

Having been very selective in finding the right photographers to work with over the years for various commissions and shoots, in late 2008 I purchased a professional level Canon digital SLR, to take the commercial shots of things I couldn’t justify arranging a shoot for.

I also realised that as time developed (while I was using these other photographers), and I understood more of what I wanted for every image, I was effectively the one arranging all the image composition, content, studio, etc. and they were mainly just there to set the camera and press the button.  So it made more sense to buy the equipment myself.

Just a few months later I won the UK finals of Microsoft’s ‘Imagine Cup’, with a prize of £450 of camera equipment, some press coverage, etc.  I was then fortunate to be entered into the top 6 teams from around the world, and so as an individual competitor, I competed against teams in the world finals in Paris.

My photography has expanded from this, focused particularly on ‘capturing the moment’ from events  (although I’m often called on to do studio shoots too, and boudoir shoots in my hotel).  However, with my detailed understanding of Pole Dancing for fitness (as a result of previously being a pole dancer myself), and thus invitation to various major events, I’m often regarded as one of the leading Pole Dance photographers in the UK.

My intention from 2014, is to move into the film industry as a stills photographer.  So hopefully, watch that space for my name in the future movie credits!

Parlour Design

Having started designing websites in late 1996, I’ve been fortunate to watch a significant part of the growth of the internet during some incredible changes.

Early on, after designing various websites for myself and the businesses I was involved with; friends, colleagues and acquaintances started asking me to design website for them too.

My personal specialism is in the coding of the html and CSS (the bits that talk with the browser to make it display), and I focus a great deal on making the page validate, keep it accessible, keep it usable, and keep it high on the natural search listings of Google, etc..  These days I tend to use WordPress a lot more as the backbone of the site, mainly for the great ease people can now manage their own websites.

As my own personal graphic design skills aren’t as fast (or as good) as others I know, I therefore sub-contract out this element to some really great specialists I’ve been working with for years.  Similarly, when time is short, I bring in other coders, programmers and other specialists to make the site as great as it can, for accessible fair prices.

Other business interests:

I also have a number of other business interests in development, or part-time. These include  professional complementary therapy training to others (such as Reiki and massage), and a new board game that’s already been tested by a significant number of willing volunteers, and may finally get into production when the time is right.

In my spare time:

From 2002 – 2010, I co-ran a local Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme every Tuesday evening (although unfortunately I had to give this up in late 2010 to take on a luxury boutique hotel for 3 years).

I’d been a Presiding Officer in most of the local, parish and general elections for the last 10 years, from my previous home in Reading, UK.

I’d supported my business developments early on as a technology specialist and manager with various promotional jobs for people like HP, Microsoft, Sony, BT, Intel, etc. at high profile locations around the UK.

I’m a vegetarian cook, and keep active with other interests too (recently learning to sail, by racing 20,000 miles from London to Australia, with Clipper, in a 70 foot racing yacht).

Thankfully in general I don’t commute far, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, and don’t watch much TV, so this gives me more time to do all the things above I do like doing!

You might also be interested in seeing some other ‘random facts’ about me on this page.