Category: Entrepreneurship

  • Retiring at 36 … really?

    I’ve been very fortunate that through a lot of hard work over the years, I’ve been able to have had many opportunities. For my 13th Birthday (literally the day of my birthday) my older sister gave me her paper-round to start that day (the legal age I was able to start work). Prior to that […]

  • How running out of coffee, made me attempt to sail around the world

    One evening, I realised I was running out of my favourite coffee .. so in the process of buying more, I signed myself up to the ‘Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2013/14’, and will soon spend around 11 months travelling 40,000 miles with a crew of 24!

  • The tipping point, how a £2.59 gift can lead to £3,520.00 of new business

    One of the businesses I’m involved with is Hotel de Vie: a small boutique style hotel, of just 8 en-suite rooms. Obviously I’ve taken countless steps to try and ensure we provide the best accommodation we can provide (and just last week, it finally took it’s rightful place as the number 1 guest accommodation in […]