More random things about me

I was thinking last night of some of the random things I’ve been doing over the last few years (and how many of them I keep forgetting), so I’ve started writing a list, now detailed briefly on my Random Facts page.

My near death Car Accident – – 28th Feb 2006

The following blog post, is a copy of one made on the 1st March 2006 (the day immediately after), and then updated over the following week.  However, as I’m shortly moving the old website to a new location, it seemed appropriate to re-post here!  Do scroll down to the images at the base for a… Continue reading My near death Car Accident – – 28th Feb 2006

My new personal blog

My new blog here at should hopefully give me the outlet to share various things that don’t seem too appropriate to update anywhere else! I’ve just been updating the about page as I know a lot of people can get a bit puzzled by the various things I get up to during my 7… Continue reading My new personal blog