Random Roles

Some things about me, you probably won’t find of interest:

A sample about the randomness of my life so far..

  • I have an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering (BEng) from Cardiff University, and used to be a member of the IMechE.
  • In my highest paid (short term) job, I was earning £1,000 per day, working part-time as a salesman for a government funded training company, making on average just 10 phone calls a day. In around six weeks I earned £35,000 in commission (at 10% commission). Unfortunately it was just a limited short term contract at the end of a trial Government program, but great for the personal bank balance!
  • Whilst working for Microsoft for 9 months (from late 2008), at one of the European head offices in Reading, I had a larger office than the UK Managing Director. My job there was predominantly to teach Microsoft employees, press, and clients, how to use the latest Microsoft Windows, in a sample home environment. My job between presentations, was to watch TV, play computer games, and surf the internet, to help encourage more passing tours!
  • I’ve self taught myself to write extensive legal contracts, and have also brought 10 court cases against people who owed me or my close friends money.  I’ve not lost yet, but I am still waiting for some of the payments.
  • I’ve successfully taught professional stress management techniques to mental health doctors working with the NHS.
  • I have diplomas in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (gained in 1998), and have hypnotised over 1,000 clients, later focussing in teaching people self-hypnosis.
  • I was one of the first members of CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), for my work as a professional senior massage therapist (from 1996 onwards).  I’ve personally given over 10,000 massage treatments.
  • I trained in advanced Kinesiology with the late John Logue, and you may still see me in the training videos.
  • I’ve been a Reiki teacher since the early 2000’s.
  • I’ve been a member of the British Mountaineering Council, and a trained Mountain Leader, up to the snow line.
  • I once ran up a mountain (and back down again), just for fun. Loosing around a stone (6kg) in weight in just 3 hours.
  • I can juggle balls, clubs, rings and other random objects, and used to run a juggling club at Uni. From 2017, I managed NZ’s largest circus school.
  • I was once a well known pole dance photographer.
  • I trained in four different forms of martial arts.
  • I was once a trustee of the National Nightline charity, after becoming the National Coordinator in 1999.
  • I’ve worked as a doorman in both North London and Cardiff.
  • At 19 years old (in 1996), I backpacked solo from New Zealand to the UK.
  • In November 1995, I tried to walk solo across the UK, following the original Ridgeway path from Lyme Regis to East Anglia.  Unfortunately after 50 miles in fewer hours, at the beginning of November (8 hours of sunshine a day), with my feet, shoulders and back bleeding, so I postponed the completion.
  • My step brother is an internationally famous professional golfer who beat Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup.
  • My late maternal great grandmother used to babysit Tom Jones.
  • I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, nor take non-prescribed drugs.
  • I’ve been an egg free vegetarian (for a variety of reasons), from around 1997 onwards.
  • I can see Auras.

Some of my job titles

For a bit of a random list on the various other titles I’ve held over the years (both professionally and honourably), I put the following list together for my own reference.  Other people seemed to find interesting to read too (hence publishing them here). These are in approximately reverse chronological order (the earliest was the first time of starting, ), but any other queries about any single one of these, do let me know and I can explain more.

Obviously I don’t profess to be an expert in all these, and I know so many people can do every single role significantly better than me.  They are generally just titles/roles I’ve been repeatedly paid for (either part time or full time), been trained to a professional level, or something I’d participated in for a long time that I generally enjoyed.

  1. General Manager
  2. Rigger / Entertainment Rigger / Rope Access Technician
  3. Movie prop maker
  4. General Handyperson
  5. Dock Master
  6. Electrician’s Assistant
  7. EST (Electrical Service Technician)
  8. EAS (Electrical Appliance Serviceperson)
  9. Lighting Assistant
  10. Art Department Assistant
  11. Data Wranger
  12. Unit Stills Photographer
  13. Art nude model
  14. Barista (coffee, not law)
  15. Double Glazing Fitter
  16. Yacht Racer / Sailor
  17. Media Manager
  18. Head Victualler
  19. Sail Maker / Repairer
  20. Presenter
  21. Acting / Singing / Dance student
  22. Refrigeration Engineer
  23. Restaurant Manager
  24. Bar Owner / Licence Holder
  25. Hotelier
  26. Housekeeper
  27. Artistic Rigger
  28. Board Game Developer
  29. Minibus Driver
  30. DofE Award Leader
  31. National Representative on International Conference
  32. Mountain Leader
  33. Civil Servant
  34. Database Developer
  35. Storeroom Manager
  36. Envelope Stuffer
  37. Administrator
  38. Co-director of a pole dance school
  39. Fell Runner
  40. Diver (both scuba and high board)
  41. Paraglider (Club Pilot)
  42. Sub-Contractor
  43. Contractor
  44. Consultant
  45. Employer
  46. Business Manager
  47. Business Director
  48. Job Interviewer
  49. Recruitment Advisor
  50. Kitchen Surveyor
  51. Call Handler
  52. Telesales
  53. Sales Director
  54. Audience Member
  55. TV Guest
  56. Radio Guest
  57. Plasterer
  58. Presiding Officer (local and national elections)
  59. Poll Clerk
  60. Postman
  61. Waiter
  62. Receptionist
  63. Chef
  64. Cook
  65. Carpenter / Joiner
  66. Electrician
  67. Plumber
  68. Listener
  69. Self-Hypnosis Trainer
  70. Pole Dance Photographer
  71. Photographer
  72. Backpacker
  73. Martial Artist
  74. Speaker
  75. Social Secretary
  76. Educational Coordinator
  77. Ts & Cs Writer
  78. Copywriter
  79. Book Keeper
  80. Corporate Trainer
  81. HR Manager
  82. Stress Management Trainer / Instructor
  83. Programmer
  84. Web Developer
  85. Graphic Designer
  86. Web Designer
  87. Microsoft Presenter
  88. IT Specialist / Technical Support
  89. Business Telecoms Specialist
  90. Power Tools Specialist
  91. Gardening Equipment Specialist
  92. Printer Specialist
  93. Sales Assistant
  94. Regional Supervisor
  95. Event Manager
  96. Team Leader
  97. Promotional Worker
  98. Adult Literacy and Numeracy Teacher
  99. College Lecturer
  100. National Charity Trustee
  101. Graphologist
  102. Kinesiologist
  103. Massage Therapist
  104. Stage Hypnotist
  105. Recruitment Consultant
  106. Door-to-door salesman
  107. Hypnotherapist
  108. Complementary Therapist
  109. Reiki Teacher
  110. Filing / Archive Manager
  111. Reiki Practitioner
  112. Engineer
  113. Juggler
  114. Labourer
  115. Plasterer’s Mate
  116. Assistant Kitchen Fitter
  117. Palmist
  118. Caterer
  119. National Helpline Coordinator
  120. Local Helpline Coordinator
  121. Telephone Helpline Volunteer
  122. Fire Marshall
  123. Student Warden
  124. Barman (The Happy Barman)
  125. Security Guard
  126. Doorman
  127. Set Designer
  128. Assistant Outdoor Pursuits Instructor
  129. First Aider
  130. Assistant Hostel Director
  131. Handyman
  132. Fruit and Veg guy
  133. Laundryman
  134. Outdoor Pursuits Equipment Repair and Maintenance
  135. Caretaker’s Assistant
  136. Maths Assistant Tutor
  137. Librarians Assistant
  138. Craft Technician
  139. Science Technician
  140. Cleaner (hazardous waste, blood, vomit, etc.)
  141. Glass Collector
  142. Pilot (gliders and powered aircraft)
  143. N.C.O. (non commissioned officer)
  144. Trolly Boy
  145. Cashier
  146. Pet Food Specialist
  147. Shelf Stacker
  148. Drummer
  149. Fantasia Hopper Hygiene Specialist (a.k.a. a pick and mix dispenser cleaner)
  150. News Delivery Agent
  151. Choir Boy

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  1. Some great credentials on display. I am a firm believer in the positive results gained through hypnotherapy. It must be a gratifying job to be able to help so many people with their fears, stresses and phobias.

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